PhoneTree 2100

The PhoneTree 2100 is an all-digital USB product that has unlimited list capacity and can be expanded as your calling needs expand. The unit delivers up to 60 calls an hour using a single telephone line, upgradable to two lines.

With the PhoneTree 2100, you have the system's most popular features, including: Auto tasks and auto reports, duplicate name and phone number screening, pager call-back notification, the ability to offer up to 6 touch-tone replies, data-importing from existing lists, a built-in voice mailbox, CD-quality 16-bit sound, detailed reporting, and much more. The unit can even double as an answering machine connected to your computer! All these features are easily customized and accessed from an intuitive point-and-click interface.


PhoneTree 2500

Does your organization have members who can't make every meeting, yet need to stay involved? With the PhoneTree 2500, you not only can keep them updated, but you can collect their input, as well. PhoneTree makes short work of otherwise tedious and time-consuming tasks like these in a minimal amount of time, thanks to features like multiple session and line capability. Expanding on the features of the PhoneTree 2100, the PhoneTree 2500 is designed with larger organizations in mind, allowing simultaneous calling sessions, full network capability, and advanced multi-line capacity. When you need to send varying messages to large groups of people fast and in the most convenient manner possible, the PhoneTree 2500 is the solution.

PhoneTree 3500

The PhoneTree 3500 is a full-featured, fully-customizable, and complete telephone messaging solution. Unique to the 3500 is the Flex Fields feature, which lets you custom-construct messages section-by-section, based on your existing data. Along with all the features of the PhoneTree 2500, plus unlimited list capacity, unlimited calls per session, full remote access and custom call-in information lines, the PhoneTree 3500 is an automated messaging powerhouse. When you create your calling list, you can configure the PhoneTree 3500's software to associate variables from your data with your own values (fields) to make the building blocks of your outgoing messages. This means that within a single call session, you can have a personalized message delivered to each individual, based on that person's unique data making complex projects such as reminders for directory photos and counseling session a snap. Plus, the PhoneTree 3500 remembers your settings, and even scans for new Flex Fields with each list you import!
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