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SchoolPerfect 1 Install $499
SchoolPerfect 2 Installs $599
SchoolPerfect 3 Installs $649
SchoolPerfect 4 Installs $699
SchoolPerfect 5 Installs $749
SchoolPerfect Unlimited Installs $799


SchoolPerfect Single User Upgrade $279
SchoolPerfect Network User Upgrade $299
SchoolPerfect each additional upgrade for 5th or more computers $49
SchoolPerfect employment update $99

Tech Support

1 Year Single User Tech Support $279
1 Year Network User Tech Support $299
1 Year Support for each additional 5th or more computers $49

Online Store


DataBank DataBank is a online backup option which protects your data from hard drive failure, theft, disasters and human error.
PhoneTree PhoneTree™ is an automated messaging system, allows you to combine voice,email & text messages.
GoToMyPC Free Trial + $10 Off GoToMyPC is for individuals needing remote desktop access to 1-20 PCs.